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Where did we come from?  Genealogy tells us of our ancesters and is traced by many people.  Church records are an important part of family genealogy and frequently referred to.
Entries are in alphabetical order.  To make your search easier, click on the letter of the surname for the person you are looking for.

The very early records are in bad condition with some information being un-readable due to age and condition of the book.  The records are in no shape to scan or copy, therefore they have been reproduced here for easier access and reading.  The books are kept at the church for reference by authorized persons.  Information on an individual is sacttered in a book and sometimes over two or three books.

It will take seveal month to get all the records on the web.  You will notice new entries weekly until it is brought up-to-date.

Note:  Locations where people lived are listed when available.  The state will only be listed if the town is located other than Vriginia (Staunton).  The town of Basic is part of Waynesboro, VA.